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Meet the owner

From a very young age, I dreamed of one day owning my own restaurant.  From the gingham table cloths to the interaction between guests and myself, it all intrigued me!  Our Mom, Debbie, always encouraged us to Dream Big, and even though my life didn’t turn out exactly like I originally planned, IDK? CAFE has been exactly where the rest of my life has been leading.  Mom and Dad taught us lots about life growing up on the turkey ranch.  It was there that myself and my siblings learned time honored recipes.  Southern Madison County has some of the best country cuisine you’ll ever feast upon.  From the Christmas gatherings to the Sunday Potlucks, there was always some occasion to cook food.  Mom thought it important that as the oldest I should be able to cook for the siblings when she wasn’t around.  That was just the beginning of my love for food.  Mom and Dad also taught us that taking care of other people was one of the most important things in life.  Mom was involved in so many different things, even owning the local convenience store towards the end of her life. So many lives were touched by Mom, and that translates into what I set out to accomplish when the opportunity to open IDKCAFE WAS PLACED in front of me.

It makes it even more fun and exciting that we’ve been able to turn this into a family operated business.  My sisters and brother-in-laws Jessica, Kim, James and Ken all play a huge role in the business either baking, grilling, smoking or whatever needs to be done. Even my brother Kyle gets in on the action from time to time.  Dad has been our biggest behind the scenes helper helping us when we needed a new van and letting us borrow his truck when needed.

Our vision is to feed people excellent food that is sourced locally as much as possible. Who knew that my dream would translate into opening a farm to table deli type cafe. Where did the name come from? We get that a lot.  My sister in law should get the biggest share of the name.  We all brainstormed and she came up with the idea. It worked perfectly with our first location and we were happy to use the same name and systems at our second location in Rogers.  We aren’t sure how many more locations we will eventually have, but we do know that we will always keep our family roots.

On our catering side of things, we were recently awarded a contract to feed all of the Head Start Kids in Washington County.  This is something that is so near and dear to our heart.  Stamping out hunger isn’t easy but it’s a calling.  We take extra care to design menus that diversify the little kids palettes while also exceeding CACFP requirements.  For us, this aspect of our work is the most important. Building a future where everyone has a chance to succeed is so vital to everything we do and everyone around us.

With everything we do, we always think — Why is this an important way to do things? From sourcing our coffees from sustainable farms around the globe that also believe in workers like we do, to buying our breads locally at places like Stonemill Bakery or Ozark Natural Breads, everything we do is for a reason. #greatfood is filled with #love


Our Local Vendors:

Stonemill Bakery (Fayetteville)

Ozark Natural Breads (Durham)

Crystal Lake Farms (Decatur)

Petit Jean Meats (Morrilton)

Fresh Right Now (Greens, Rogers)

Kimball Thompson Produce (Local and Organics shipped in, Lowell)

Mountain Bird Coffee (Holiday Island)

Davis Farm (Lincoln)

Great Ferments (Winslow)

My Father’s Garden (Fayetteville)




In December of 2015, owner Justin Eaton visited Jinotega, Nicaragua. The Ferrey family hosted our group on one of the origin trips where we learned about Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffees. The family is dedicated to making their community better. There are doctors on the farm as well as a school for children and a coffee school for other farmers. A cupping lab is part of the coffee school. This allows the coffee to be cupped before it is sent to market in turn allowing for better pricing of the coffee. They use sustainable practices that are not only good for growing EXCELLENT coffee, but also they are great for the environment. Carlos, our trusty guide took us on tours of both of their farms, El Recreo and Zaragoza. We were delighted to participate in Christmas festivities with the children on both farms. It was very special to take part in their traditions and make new friends.

IDK? CAFE believes in sourcing products that follow ethical and sustainable practices whether its coffee, or locally like our local-grown lettuces. We also believe that paying our people a fair wage is extremely important and that #greatfood is made with #love