2017 SCORE Championship

  • By Justin Eaton
  • 23 Mar, 2017

National Recognition

2017 Small Business Championship Winner

We are proud and honored to announce that  IDK? CAFE  has been chosen as an American Small Business Champion by SCORE and Sam’s Club.


The American Small Business Championship ( championship.score.org ) awarded this title to 102 small businesses, two in every state and the District of Columbia, for their dedication to the success of their businesses. Each state winner will be awarded a $1,000 Sam’s Club gift card, an all-expense-paid trip to a training and networking event in Dallas, TX, SCORE mentoring and publicity throughout the year. Each Champion is also eligible for one of three $25,000 grand prizes.


We are honored to have been chosen for this award. When we began our business in 2014, our dream was to bring local products to a sandwich/salad shop.  Along the way, we expanded our vision to bring our delicious food to local area schools by delivering hot lunches daily.   We hoped to serve the community by continuing to give back as we have been given.  The tight knight community of Northwest Arkansas is dedicated to helping each other, and in the spirit we hope to continue!


The prizes, training, publicity and SCORE mentoring we have been awarded will help us take our business to the next level, and better serve you, our customers. We look forward to attending the training event in Dallas, TX, and will be sure to check back in and let you know how it goes.



By Justin Eaton 22 Jun, 2017

Kyya is the phonetic spelling of the Greek word “KAIA”, meaning simple and pure, and the chocolate coming out of the Kyya Chocolate company is just that - simply delicious and purely amazing.

Our customers go cocoa loco over the Kyya Chocolate bars we sell at IDK? Cafe. We currently have their coconut infused bar, the granola infused bar and the wine & nib infused bar in stock, but they’re all selling fast. The company is always crafting new bars, and we always try to have a good selection of their latest creations.

Kyya Chocolate sells their products to over 200 customers across 10 states, but we are blessed that this small batch business is based right here in Northwest Arkansas. We had the chance to visit their facility in Elm Springs to learn about the whole process from bean to bar from owners Rick and Cindy Boosey.

By Justin Eaton 01 Jun, 2017

There’s really nothing better than a steaming cup of coffee in the morning to get your day started off right, and customers that come to IDK? Cafe for a healthy, delicious breakfast have the added benefit of a cup of joe that they can feel good about (and not just because the caffeine helps them kickstart their day).  

The beans for our daily brew are supplied by Mountain Bird Coffee Company, a local company whose mission sets them apart from other roasters in the region. 

By Justin Eaton 13 May, 2017

Small in stature, larger than life, lover of all things family and fun, Debbie Eaton leaves a legacy of love, friendship and family in her wake. 

It’s been 17 years since she left us to dance with the angels, but not a day goes by that she is not remembered and missed. Vivacious, generous, feisty, family-oriented and fun-loving, she was a woman that radiated joy and left her mark wherever she went.

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday, May 14th. It’s a bittersweet time for us as we celebrate that she lived and loved us well, but we continue to grieve that we cannot honor her in the flesh. The IDK? Cafe doors will be closed in honor of all the mommas among us, as well as those that are not. 

For those blessed to still have your mother still on earth, be sure to reach out to her this weekend. Send her a gift, visit in person or on the phone, but most of all, tell her what she means to you and express gratitude for all her sacrifices over the years.

While Debbie’s impact had broad strokes, here is just a sample of the memories she left behind, and how she is still so loved.

Debbie was so bubbly and she would get tickled and when she sat on a chair, because she was so short she would cross her feet and swing them forward and backward and get so excited about things. She enjoyed her kids so much her family was her life. She was fun.  - Family Friend, Judy

Debbie was vivacious, forthright, and honest. She was spunky and full of life. You knew when she was in the room; because she had that bigger-than-life "joie de vivre" that the rest of us admire. I always knew where I stood with her, because she loved me enough to tell me the truth about her feelings towards me and my actions. Despite pain and many difficulties, she was a fighter and a comrade-in-arms!  - Family Friend, Ceil

Debbie was the kind of person that always had a positive attitude 90% of the time. She was always the first person to say, "yes, I can help with that!" She was all in on commitment to whatever she was focused on or involved in. She loved her children and husband totally. She never griped about all she needed to do all the time around the house and farm. She acted like having lots of work to do was just normal. That's not to say she didn't get tired and sometimes wish she was done! Haha. She inspired me to be more like her. She took it all in stride so well, I wanted to be more like her! We got along perfectly. We were best friends for five years before I ever realized she was shy! Since we did EVERYTHING TOGETHER, it simply hadn't dawned on me (duh) that I was doing all the talking when we were out and about interacting with others. With me, she didn't have a shy bone in her body! With others, she was very reserved until she got to know them. That's why I didn't see her shyness. She wasn't that way with me; ever! She loved God wholeheartedly and prayed fervently every day that her kids would grow up to love and serve Him, too. We talked about our kids every single day. We worried about doing a bad job. We advised one another constantly. We prayed for them and each other. We planned our old age days and all that we would do when we weren't so busy with kids, church activities, farm work, and gardening. We helped each other do ALL of that. 

Then I left for Panama. We watched the movie Beaches together over and over and cried like one of US was dying. We consoled ourselves that someday it would end though and we could pick up where we left off. That day, sadly, never came. I've missed her every single day since she left us. She was truly "The Wind Beneath My Wings”!! - Family Friend, Val

Debbie had a way of making everything fun. She was engaging and entertaining. She was able to explain difficult concepts (about the Bible or piano for example) in ways that were relatable and made sense. Not surprisingly, she was my favorite Sunday school teacher. I also always admired her tenacity (long before I knew what that word meant) and her go big or go home attitude. I 100 percent believe that had we been adults at the same time, we would be the best of friends, although I would have had a long line to get in for that position. She was loved by many. - Family Friend, Cherry


My mom has been gone for 17 years. I have gone through different stages of my life since we lost her so suddenly. My mom was my Rock. No matter what I did, she was always there to listen or pick me up when I was feeling down. She had an abundant love for all of us kids. We were all so young that I don't think we realized at the time what we were really gonna miss out on in the future years by not having our mom. We have all gotten married without her, had children without her, divorced without her, built a business without her - I mean the list goes on and on. She was and IS our inspiration! She was the most giving, caring, loving person ever.  Her love for Christ was amazing. She always put her faith and trust in Him. I will always cherish our 19 years together. She was like no other mother I've ever known. Her laugh, her smile, her joy - she was the BEST! It's hard to put into words how to describe everything she meant and the ache I still have inside. She was an absolute amazing Mother, women, wife and friend. - Kim

To say Mom was the best is definitely an understatement! I can’t even begin to describe the many lessons that Mom taught us kids, but I can share a few things that are dear memories! Mom taught me from an early age to DREAM BIG! She gave so much of herself to everyone around her that is hard to describe. EVERYONE knew Mom. I mean EVERYONE. And, from what I can remember, everyone just loved her to pieces. Of course, no one loved her more than us kids and Dad! She was our rock! She was the one that I so carefully cut some wild roses for and then stabbed my thigh as I came scrambling back into the house! I just KNEW she would love those roses. I don’t think she appreciated the trip to the emergency room for stitches. She was the one who rushed to pick me up from kindergarten when I got my head cut pretty good by the merry go round of death. (Thank goodness, the school had the wits to finally remove that thing, lol) Mom was the one, when after returning from our senior trip, she already knew that we had gotten drunk for the first time. She was the one whose shoulder I cried on through losing a love, and when I made stupid choices and had my eyebrows and head shaved during a crazy night, she didn’t judge, she just loved.   She was the one who taught me the love of music, and when we played and sang together, it was the most beautiful harmony. Listening to her learn a difficult classical piece or when she would ad lib the gospel music notes was a delight in my eyes. Every day that I get up and come to this business that we have built, I keep thinking to myself, Mom would be just ecstatic!  

Mom always taught us that we should make decisions ourselves. She gave us the tools to know right from wrong, but she expected us to make those decisions, and live and stand by them. Sometimes I made the wrong ones, but Mom never once made me feel like I was a bad person, only a person that needed a little coaching. She may not have known it then, but she was doing the right thing every day! Working hard on a farm, a store, countless Boy and Girl Scout outings, I dare say that Mom might have been SUPERMOM. It’s been 17 long years since we lost Mom in a car accident, and to say it gets easier isn’t exactly accurate, but I’ve found that honoring the memory of Mom is the way to go! Love you and miss you, Mom!

She was truly special and one-of-a-kind, but she is not the only amazing mother out there. So many wonderful mothers walk through our door each day, and we wish each of you a very joyful Mother's Day.

By Justin Eaton 25 Apr, 2017

It’s that time of year. Winter is past, spring has sprung and the great outdoors is calling your name. It’s time to get out and play. You’re blessed to live in the great state of Arkansas, and you want to take advantage of the amazing temperatures and natural beauty that surrounds you.

We feel ya.

For newbies to the area, you may be overwhelmed with where to begin on where to go and what to pack in your day bag. For the natives, you may be looking for some inspiration to get out of your hiking trail rut.  

At IDK? Cafe, we’re no self-proclaimed experts on all things outdoors, but we have lived in the area our entire lives and have a few ideas for you. We do pride ourselves in our experience making great-tasting fare for every occasion, and we have some delicious suggestions for the food to pack in that bag.  

By Justin Eaton 12 Apr, 2017

Holidays can be tricky for just about everyone. For us, they are a reminder that Justin’s mom Debbie should be a part of these special moments, but, sadly, she (and other loved ones) will only be present in our hearts. For others, the stress and chaos of planning, traveling or hosting can be overwhelming. For many, it’s simply hard because they don’t have a place to go, people to spend the day with or money to buy the celebratory food. 

At IDK? Cafe, we do our best to combat these holiday struggles. We are passionate about feeding the hungry and providing a welcoming space for everyone to feel at home. You may remember the feast we offered last Thanksgiving. We loved having the community join us to give thanks for all the good that exists in our life. 

Now with Easter just around the corner, we are hoping that this Sunday will not be one of those hard holidays for our friends, patrons and the hungry in Northwest Arkansas. IDK? Cafe is providing a place for everyone to gather, a group to sit among and a meal to enjoy. Payment is completely optional. This is our way of paying it forward. Any money brought in will be applied to our suspended meal program. As always, you can always ask for a suspended meal and receive your meal at no charge! 

Please join us Sunday, April 16th between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. for a special Easter brunch. Our chefs have been hard at work coming up with a menu that’s sure to make your mouth water. Our regular menu will not be available, but you won’t be complaining when you see what your delicious options are. (Please note the menu is subject to change)

Thinly Sliced Cured Pork Loin

Sliced Ham

Breakfast Frittata

Variety of Pastries courtesy of Jessica

Hashbrown Casserole

Cornbread Casserole

Monte Cristo Layered Dish

French Toast


Calico Scrambled Eggs



Salivating yet? Plan brunch at IDK? Cafe into your Easter schedule this Sunday. We are thankful for the opportunity to celebrate this special day with you.

By Justin Eaton 08 Apr, 2017
Our Reuben sandwiches are sure to rock your world, and we essentially have Great Ferments to thank for that. A combination of red and green fermented cabbages, sauerkraut from Great Ferments is unlike any other you'll find on the grocery store shelves and adds a unique flavor to this signature sandwich.

We met Cat Swenson, founder of Great Ferments, at the local farmer's market while searching for quality local vendors to source ingredients for our menu. In case you haven't picked up on it yet, we hold our food to a high standard of both taste and nutrition and source locally as best we can.

Humans have been fermenting vegetables into pickles for thousands of years as a way to preserve food long before refrigeration existed. Most pickled vegetables you are now familiar with have been pasteurized, a process invented a couple centuries ago which depletes the food of many nutrients. While it’s not technically bad to eat a modern pickle that’s been pasteurized, it’s not as healthy for you as one that’s fermented either. So, obviously, we are all about the fermented option.

Fermented products provide essential probiotics for our body, and the lactic acid, which is the sour flavor in the fermented vegetable, is also better for you than the vinegar used in canned pickles.

Cat was kind enough to share about the fermentation process she uses to make the delicious sauerkraut found on our Reuben sandwiches. She starts by taking raw organic cabbages and salts them with Redmond's sea salt to prevent pathogens from growing initially. 

She then packs the sauerkraut tightly in the fermentation vessel, pours brine over everything, closes the lid and waits for it to ferment. The probiotic bacteria naturally present on the vegetables create a lot of bi-products like CO2 and lactic acid. Lactic acid is good for your stomach. It’s a pre-biotic substance that draws in reinforcements with live bacteria. 

A hundred million microbes are on your body that are keeping you healthy, and you can’t live without those gut microbes. They are the seat of your immune system, and they have a lot to do with how your body processes and burns calories. 

Getting enough pre-biotic fiber in your diet is also essential to the process because lactic acid will start to eat the lining of your stomach and cause leaky gut and autoimmune disorders for some if you don't get enough fiber in your diet. For this reason, Cat suggests consuming fiber is even more important than probiotics. Good sources of pre-biotic fiber include onion, garlic, leeks, chicory,  asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes and wheat. These foods feed the microbes, which will prevent pathogens like E. coli from thriving.

While Cat now definitely comes across as an expert in all things food science and fermentation, she actually spent most of her life as a professional businesswoman. It wasn't until she and her husband John bought an organic farm eight years ago that  she began down a path of helping others towards holistic health.  

Now she ferments her vegetables into pickles at the Food Science Department at the University of Arkansas and sells them to local health food stores and restaurants like ours. The U of A rents out FDA-approved space, which is a huge help for small businesses starting out making food products. Commercial kitchen equipment can be very expensive, but this space offers pretty much everything you need to make your products.  

For further information on all things fermentation, check out Cat's website  www.greatferments.com  or come by IDK? Cafe today try her tasty sauerkraut!

By Justin Eaton 31 Mar, 2017

If you haven’t jumped onto the kombucha bandwagon yet, IDK? Cafe can help you out. We recently started selling JR’s Kombucha in our restaurants, and we are excited to share this locally-sourced healthy beverage with our customers.

Drinking kombucha on a regular basis has become a total craze that’s taking the country and the state of Arkansas by storm. It’s essentially just fermented tea, and while it sounds kind of odd, it’s actually delicious and its health benefits are almost too good to be true. Full of B vitamins and probiotics, the beverage is terrific for the digestive system and functions as a liver detox, according to Mandy Warren, owner of JR’s Fine Products.

Chiropractors by trade, she and her husband Denny first learned about the health benefits of kombucha through their involvement in a nutrition organization during their years in chiropractic school. Since staying healthy is so crucial to their profession and lifestyle, they swiftly started brewing the fermented tea at home.

They shared their concoctions with friends and colleagues, who immediately caught onto the kombucha fixation and asked if they could buy them. Since the idea of opening another business while maintaining a practice and simultaneously starting a family initially sounded too daunting, they taught classes on how to make the teas instead.

Their friends swiftly made it clear, however, that they really would just rather buy the goods from them. A colleague who runs a farm then told her about a space at the University of Arkansas that offers a commercial kitchen, complete with equipment and storage space. It’s all FDA approved and allows for entrepreneurial chefs to create whatever product they want at the facility.

Mandy decided to see how it went and felt out the kitchen to check if it was a good place to brew kombucha. Little by little, she would make more and more each month, until now, two years later, JR’s Kombucha can be found in 14 shops and restaurants across Northwest Arkansas.

Their children, Jude and Rae, inspired the name for the company, and Mandy hopes that the family business will one day help to build her children’s future. Maybe they will eventually take it over, or maybe it will just help to pay for the college education. Either way, it’s helping create a path of opportunity ahead. For now, they just love to help make it and sell it lemonade stand style to their little buddies, who also love the products.

By Justin Eaton 23 Mar, 2017

We are proud and honored to announce that  IDK? CAFE  has been chosen as an American Small Business Champion by SCORE and Sam’s Club.


The American Small Business Championship ( championship.score.org ) awarded this title to 102 small businesses, two in every state and the District of Columbia, for their dedication to the success of their businesses. Each state winner will be awarded a $1,000 Sam’s Club gift card, an all-expense-paid trip to a training and networking event in Dallas, TX, SCORE mentoring and publicity throughout the year. Each Champion is also eligible for one of three $25,000 grand prizes.


We are honored to have been chosen for this award. When we began our business in 2014, our dream was to bring local products to a sandwich/salad shop.  Along the way, we expanded our vision to bring our delicious food to local area schools by delivering hot lunches daily.   We hoped to serve the community by continuing to give back as we have been given.  The tight knight community of Northwest Arkansas is dedicated to helping each other, and in the spirit we hope to continue!


The prizes, training, publicity and SCORE mentoring we have been awarded will help us take our business to the next level, and better serve you, our customers. We look forward to attending the training event in Dallas, TX, and will be sure to check back in and let you know how it goes.


By Justin Eaton 21 Mar, 2017

If you have kids and you’re NOT reading this from the beach, then you’re likely looking for ways to spend the rest of spring break in Rogers or Bentonville without losing your ever-loving mind or spending your last dime.

For every parent rocking a staycation in Northwest Arkansas this week, these three questions weigh heavy on the mind and can easily stress you out:

1. What will we feed these little people?

2. What will we do every day?

3. How can we afford it all?

Fortunately for you, IDK? Cafe is running a spring break special this week, offering each item on the kids menu for just $1.00! (Please, ONE kid per adult purchase)  With so many yummy options to choose from, you could easily feed your child here twice a day for the rest of the week and still only spend 10 bucks!

Our options include:

  • Grilled Cheese
  • Grilled Cheese & Ham
  • Chicken Tenders
  • Burger Sliders
  • Mini Flatbread Pizza– Pepperoni & Cheese
  • ½ Deli Sandwich– Choice of ham, turkey, chicken salad or PB & J

That's a lot of food for only $1 each! Don't worry, Mom and Dad, we also have plenty of mouth-watering items with your tastebuds in mind. Be sure to check out our full menu for breakfast ideas like the Sunrise Sandwich, lunch options like a Napa Valley Salad, or delicious dinners like our Reuben Patty Melt. 

Yes, you read that right, we said DINNER! Our Rogers location recently added evening hours, so you can spend supper with us Tuesday through Saturday until 9:00 p.m. and enjoy IDK? Cafe all day.

There. Now that we have your whole family fed and fueled up for the week, it's time to have some fun and make some memories that won't require a trip to Florida. (Although, let's be honest, a week at the beach would be nice!) Don’t let the little ones wear you out inside your house; get out on the town and enjoy these family-friendly activities. 

Consider this a little gift of staycation sanity from us to you.

  1. Go anywhere your imaginations and library books can take you
    Both the Rogers and Bentonville Public Libraries are offering special events this week that are free to the public, not to mention the fact that this is a prime opportunity to catch up on all those books you've been wanting to read. Take advantage of this week off and have a good snuggle sesh and story time with your kiddos.

  2. Get artsy at Crystal Bridges Museum
    If you live here, you know the drill. But this award-winning museum never disappoints with its beautiful landscape, acclaimed art and rotating displays. This week, they are also offering spring break specials ! Be sure to check them out. 

  3.   Soak up the sunshine at Lake Atlanta
    There's at least one more beautiful day in the forecast this week, so spend it outdoors at Lake Atlanta . This Rogers park is becoming renowned for its bike trails, playgrounds and beautiful views.

  4. Live life in the Fast Lane
    You can quickly build up a tab with all the fun there is to be had at Fast Lane Entertainment , but choose your course of action wisely between bowling, rides and games, so you can stay inside your budget and still have a great time.

  5. Have a blast from the past at Rogers Historical Museum
    Take a trip down history lane and visit the Rogers Historical Museum . Your child will learn a ton about our region's past, and (bonus) admission is free!

  6. Get vertical at High Rise
    This is a place where you kid can literally bounce off the walls, and it's all ok! High Rise prices can be pretty steep, depending on how long you choose to stay, but after only spending $1 on your child's meal, you may want to splurge a bit at the ultimate trampoline park and extreme air sports center.

  7. Don't shoot your eye out at Daisy Museum
    If you've watched the iconic holiday movie "A Christmas Story" as many times as we have, then live out Ralphie's wildest dreams and visit the birthplace of the Daisy Red Ryder to see for yourself if they have the carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle at the Rogers Daisy Airgun Museum .

  8. Don't forget the amazing Amazeum
    For the cost of an admission ticket, your child will be entertained (and secretly educated) for hours on end at the Scott Family Amazeum . You can also buy an annual pass, and keep the edutainment going all year long. (Except on Tuesdays; they're closed on Tuesdays.) 

  9. Watch the tale as old as time at Rogers Towne Cinema or Malco Pinnacle Hills 12
    If you haven't seen the real-life adaptation of the Disney Classic Beauty and the Beast yet, you'll certainly want to spend one of the rainy afternoons in the theater watching it! Your kids will be in awe, and you'll be sent spinning through time and space to your own childhood experience at the cinema. No need to spend $$$ on popcorn because everyone's tummies will be full of delicious IDK? Cafe cuisine!

Well, that should keep you and your crew occupied for the remainder of spring break. We look forward to seeing you at our dining tables soon, and, who knows, we may have even more staycation tips ready for you.

By Justin Eaton 18 Mar, 2017

We are super intentional about every aspect of our menu. A whole lot of love and thought goes into each item we offer. Everything we serve must be fresh, nutritious and delicious. That’s why sourcing our bread locally is so important to us.

Ozark Natural Breads (ONB) has been in business for 30 years now, and you can taste the quality that culminates from decades of experience in each bite of their kaiser rolls and Texas toast we use to house our gourmet sandwiches and burgers. 

Bryan Brandon, founder and master baker at ONB, said that his passion for baking was instilled when he was in the eighth grade and washed dishes at a restaurant in his hometown in Utah. As he scrubbed down plates, cups and utensils, he would watch the baking process go down in the restaurant. Intrigued, he slowly put the recipes to memory.

One fateful day, the baker didn’t show up to work. Bryan, who knew the recipes by heart, was promptly promoted from dishwasher to baker. Every day after school, he would then go to the restaurant and bake everything for the next day’s menu.

Several years later in graduate school, he met and fell for a lovely lady named Konny. When they got married, they knew they wanted to live out in the country and open their own bakery, but they decided living in Utah wasn’t going to cut it.

Konny was raised in Arkansas, and after much deliberation, they opted to move to the Ozarks. They found the property of their dreams out on a mountain in Combs, and soon they were lugging ovens, a mixer and their furniture across the country from Utah to Arkansas. The next two years were spent establishing the bakery that would become ONB.

Their business developed one day at a time by word of mouth with local restaurants and grocery stores asking them to supply breads and baked goods for their patrons.

Their delicious old world sourdoughs, mouth-watering cinnamon rolls, and other sweet and savory breads have made them famous in the region, but their prime specialty is sprouted grain bread .

Most bread you find on the grocery store shelves comes from grain that has been milled, a process that destroys a large portion of its vitamins and health benefits. ONB claims that sprouting actually increases the total nutrient density of the grains, making it the healthiest option in the Ozarks.

The Arkansas Grown program recently filmed the ONB sprouting process and shared it on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. You can check it out here .

As their business grew, so did the Brandon family. The entrepreneurial couple welcomed their son Bryan Jr. and daughter Krystal into the world in the early business days. Now adults, Bryan Jr. and Krystal have followed in their parents’ baking footsteps and still participate in the family business.

Krystal makes the cookies, and Bryan Jr. helps make the breads and also opened Wicked Wood Fired Pizzas, an award-winning food truck parked on Dickson street. After receiving an Old World Certificate of Baking in Kansas and traveling to France to learn more about the art there, he embarked on his own entrepreneurial venture.

ONB has since outgrown the cozy, remote Combs location, and the Brandon family business moved off the mountain and into Durham, directly across the street from Terra Studios, birthplace of the bluebirds of happiness.

Our restaurant became connected to ONB through word of mouth and a family connection. We are grateful that they hold the same dedication to quality as we do, and they definitely add a significant touch to the IDK? Cafe experience.

In addition to IDK? Cafe, you can find ONB products at their bakery, Ozark Natural Foods and several other restaurants around the area.

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